Intro. to Microbes and the Immune System Laboratory (MIC 304) Intro. to Microbes and the Immune System Laboratory (MIC 304)
MIC 304
Introduction to Microbes and the Immune System (Lab)
Ebola Virus
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The University of Miami is one of only four institutions in the United States that offers a four-year combined undergraduate program in Microbiology and Immunology. You will study:

a) Microorganisms (which can be good and bad for your health, found in food, and in our environments).
b) How your body’s immune defense system defeats and controls harmful microorganisms.

Our major provides you with courses of general interest as well as a solid preparation for future scientists or medical professionals. To apply this knowledge to health policy, we partnered with the School of Nursing Public Health program to offer an optional dual degree and double major track opportunity for our students.

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Department of Microbiology & Immunology Miller School of Medicine
Present Human Plagues and their Impact on Society

Your Health, Your Immune System, and Your Microbiota

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