Sample Curriculums

Tracks you can Follow in our Program:

Official MIC major Tracks for Applications to Medical and/or Graduate Schools

Medical School Track‌  schedule to take MCAT

Graduate School Track  schedule to take GRE

Unofficial MIC major Tracks for Applications to Dental,Optometry or Pharmacy Schools

Pre-Dental Track  schedule to take DAT

Pre-Optometry Track  schedule to take OAT

Pre-Pharmacy Track  schedule to take PCAT

Blank 4-Year Template

Blank 4-Year Track this will help those that wish to plan out their 4-year plan on their own (Students should show their plan to Roger or Dr. Lopez)

Degree Programs

     A Bachelor’s of Science degree is awarded to all microbiology and immunology majors upon completion of the requirements.  A chemistry minor is automatically received however, a student's choice of minor may be science or non-science.

Advanced Writing and Communication

     To satisfy the College of Arts and Sciences writing requirement in the discipline, students majoring in Microbiology and Immunology should take at least one course from the following: MIC 301MIC 304

Departmental Honors

     Students that wish to gain a deeper understanding of Microbiology and Immunology can choose to write a thesis.  The following program constitutes receiving Departmental Honors in Microbiology and Immunology. 

  1. Overall GPA 3.3 or higher
  2. Six credit hours of Special Projects (MIC 451MIC 452MIC 453MIC 454MIC 455 or MIC 456) carried out under supervision of a member of the Microbiology and Immunology faculty, culminating in a senior thesis that includes 15 references.  Once the mentor and student have revised and finalized the document a hard copy must be turned in to the Program Director.

Major in Microbiology and Immunology (Pre-Med and Graduate)

Double Major in Marine Science/Microbiology and Immunology

Minor in Microbiology and Immunology