Summer Scholars Program

Summer Scholars: Three-Week, Credit Program Eligibility

Individuals should be self-motivated and prepared to study an academic discipline in a rigorous scholarly program, while earning college credit.
  • Completed sophomore or junior year of high school
  • Grade point average of at least 3.0 (based on a 4.0 scale)
  • Teacher recommendation
  • Guidance counselor recommendation
  • Official high school transcript(s)
  • Personal essays

Microbiology and Immunology has teamed up with Public Health to provide you with a first look at both of our disciplines in this three-week experience.

Healthcare and Medicine  Infectious Diseases 6 Credit Hours

Students enroll in BPH 200 and MIC 100.

BPH 200. Introductory Public Health. 3 Credit Hours. 
This course is a survey of the basic principles of Public Health. Topics that will be covered include an overview of the health care system, health insurance, the history of health care in the US, communicable and non-communicable diseases, the physical and built environment, emergency preparedness and response, and various other topics that influence the health of populations. 

School of Nursing and Health Studies | Instructor(s): Dr. Diego DeLeon

MIC 100. Introduction to Microbiology. 3 Credit Hours.  
This is an introductory microbiology course for the summer scholars program. Microorganisms are in every facet of our lives and make up a microscopic world. Right now, your body is inhabited by over 40 trillion bacteria. Due to the evolution of our immune systems, we have been able to coexist with this world. It is when our immune systems weaken or when our otherwise healthy immune system encounters a particularly nasty pathogen that we become vulnerable. This course will cover the topics of how our immune system works, how microbial pathogens cause disease, how beneficial microbes protect us from disease, and some of the other activities perform that impact our world. The laboratory will provide you with invaluable experience in growing, staining, viewing and identifying microorganisms through the use of practical techniques and procedures. An in lab presentation of your “unknown organism” will culminate what you have learned.

College of Arts and Sciences | Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology | Miller School of Medicine

Instructor(s): Prof. Roger WilliamsDr. Kurt Schesser, and Dr. Mathias Lichtenheld.

Maximum enrollment: 32
Prerequisites(s): Biology and one other lab science

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Summer Scholars Program at the University of Miami